Here at Beall Inc. we have a dedication to customer satisfaction that started back in 1947 with our founder Ninian Beall. Four generations later we still hold true to that dedication of customer satisfaction. As a family business we know the importance of providing a safe comfortable home for you and your family. That is why we only use quality parts and materials, not inferior parts you may find at the local hardware or box store. We use only the materials that have been evaluated best for you. We strive to find ways to serve our customers better, and save them money. That is why we are not like other plumbing companies who try to replace everything instead of repairing. We will replace a fixture only if it's beyond repair or if the customer wants it replaced. That is just some of the things we do at Beall Inc. to make your experience the best it can be.

Why do we charge only by the service time and not by the task? That is a good question. There are three main reasons for that.

One When you charge by the task the bill adds up fast. If you have several things to fix you might be paying for much more time than you need. You may pay for the additional tasks not part of your original request or for parts you do not need. We charge you only for the parts we use and the time we spend.


Two We endeavor to make sure the repair is done right the first time. We take the time necessary to do the job right and make sure the work looks the best. When charged by the task, the plumber is usually trying to get the job done as fast as he can, so he can earn more money per hour. When you rush a job you are not able to do as good of a job. So you might have to call the plumber back to fix the issue with the work done.


Three You might be offered only replacements and not repairs. Companies make more money by replacing fixtures rather than they do repairing old ones. When you replace a fixture, most people feel they are getting more for there money. But are they? Why spend more money replacing something that can be repaired to like new condition or even better in some cases? Why replace old fixtures you like just because the plumber you called might not know how to repair it or may not know where to get the parts? We have been repairing most old fixtures you find in old houses since they were new, so we know what works best for them.
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